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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Cameras, Film, and Photography Supplies

arrow13Kodak Films including Electron Microscopy Film

For a complete user's guide to produce high quality images with our Kodak Electron Micrography products, please call or email us today at or

Kodak Electron Microscopy Film 4489arrow12Kodak Electron Microscopy Film 4489

  • 7mil Estar Thick Base
  • Microfine Grain
  • Blue Sensitive Emulsion

Kodak has reverted to film type 4489 as the standard emulsion for EM. It is coated on a sheet film .007" Polyester base (for high dimensional stability and rapid pump down). Its fine grain, blue sensitivity emulsion is characterized by intermediate speed. Use safelight filters No. 1A, OA or OC and Kodak Developer D-19. Available in boxes of 100 sheets, supplied as two units of 50 sheets each in heat-sealed foil packages or in bulk pack.

74104 Kodak EM Film 4489, 3¼ x 4" 250/pk 850.00 Add to Cart
74107 Kodak EM Film 4489, 3¼ x 3-5/16" 20 bxs/lot 7,900.00 Add to Cart
74112-1 Kodak EM Film 4489 7 x 7 cm 100/bx 255.00 Add to Cart
74113 Kodak EM Film 4489, 7 x 7 cm 10 bxs/lot 2,550.00 Add to Cart
74114 Kodak EM Film 4489, 6½ x 9 cm 100/bx 400.00 Add to Cart
74115 Kodak EM Film 4489, 6½ x 9 cm 10 bxs/lot 3,850.00 Add to Cart

Kodak Electron Image Film SO-163 arrow12Kodak Electron Image Film SO-163

  • Fine grain, blue sensitive emulsion
  • 7mil ESTAR base
  • Slightly faster than Electron Image Plates
  • Twice as fast as EM film 4489
  • May use anti-fog
  • 3¼"x 4" available in 250/pk only
74142 Kodak SO-163 Film, 3¼ "x 4" 250/pk 900.00 Add to Cart
74144 Kodak SO-163 Film, 6.5 x 9cm 100/bx 429.00 Add to Cart
74145 Kodak SO-163 Film, 6.5 x 9cm 10 bxs/lot 3,690.00 Add to Cart

Technical Pan Filmarrow12Kodak Technical Pan Film

Technical Pan Film 2415 / ESTAR_AH Base

Please see T-MAX 100 amd T-MAX 400.

Technical Pan Film 4415 / ESTAR Thick Base.

Please see T-MAX 100 amd T-MAX 400.


Kodak T-MAX 100 Professionalarrow12Kodak T-MAX 100 Professional Films

Especially useful for detailed subjects when maximum image quality is needed. Recommended for copying black and white photographs, for use


  • Medium speed (EI-100)
  • Extremely high sharpness, fine grain
  • Very high degree of enlargement, expanded exposure latitude
  • Recommended Kodak Developers: T-Max, D-76, HC-110, Microdol-X, Duraflo RT
  • Total darkness
arrow121) T-MAX 100 Film:
74160 T-MAX 100, 35mmx100ft roll 105.00 Add to Cart
arrow122) T-MAX 100 Cut-to-Size
74162 T-MAX 100, 135/24 roll 7.00 Add to Cart
74164 T-MAX 100, 135/36 roll 9.80 Add to Cart
74172 T-MAX 100, 4x5" (Substitute for Kodak 4127) 50/pk 104.00 Add to Cart
74173 T-MAX 100, 4x5" (Substitute for Kodak 4127) 10 box/lot 1,036.00 Add to Cart
arrow123) T-MAX 100/120

Due to the discontinuation of Technical Pan Film 6415 (the most used for Zeiss 109 TEm), we recommend T-Max 100/120 as a direct replacement.

74157 TMAX 100 film, 120mm roll 10.00 Add to Cart
74158 TMAX 100 film, 120mm 5 roll/pk 48.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Kodak T-MAX 400 Professional Films

Especially useful for: dimly lighted subjects, fast action, extending the distance range, and flash pictures. Used in scientific and biomedical work, especially where fluorescence photography is required.


  • High speed (EI 400)
  • Very high sharpness; extremely fine grain, high resolving power
  • High degree of enlargement
  • Shorter push-processing development time
  • Recommended Kodak Developers: T-Max, D-76, HR-110, Microdol-X
  • Total darkness
arrow121) T-MAX 400 Roll Film
74166 T-MAX 400, 35mmx100ft roll 145.00 Add to Cart
arrow122) T-MAX 400 Cut-to-Size
74168 T-MAX 400, 135/24 roll 8.00 Add to Cart
74170 T-MAX 400, 135/36 roll 10.25 Add to Cart

arrow12Photograph Scale Marker

Please see listing in the Measuring Aids section.

arrow12Expandable Shipping Tubes

Please see listing in the Photo Mounting Supplies section.

Photographic Papers from Ilford arrow13arrow13