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Unimount Epoxy Kit

EMS Catalog #1234

Unimount Mixing Instructions

Unimount cures at 75°C/167°F, the curing time is 1½ hours at 75°C/167°F. To obtain these temperatures, either a laboratory oven/heating cabinet or Drybox can be used. When using a oven/cabinet we recommend using one with good ventilation to ensure that the heat created by the exothermic reaction during curing is removed.

Mixing Ratio: By Weight: Resin/Hardener: 25/7
By Volume: Resin/Hardener: 31/10
Potlife: (30 g mixture at 21°C/70°F): 4 Hours
Hardening Time (30 g mixture at 21°C/70°F): 1½ hours in oven at 75°C/167°F
Peak Temperature(30 mm dia embedding w/o specimen at 75°C/167°) 170°C/338°F
Hardness 85 Shore D
Color Clear, Transparent
Density (g/ml) Resin: 1.13 / Hardener: 0.96
Soluble in Resin & Hardener: Alcohol, acetone
Chemical resistance after curing Most common acids & bases

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