Custom and Contract Services

Custom Chemical Manufacturing

Electron Microscopy Sciences will customize chemicals to best fit your lab's unique protocols and recipes. Our lab can follow your specific formulas, or generate one to meet your needs. We manufacture chemicals right in our facility in Hatfield, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. We can customize the following products/features:

Chemicals: Features:
  • Buffers
  • Fixatives
  • Stains
  • Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Solvents
  • ImmunoGold Reagents
  • Concentration
  • Molarity
  • pH
  • Labeling
  • Preparation Method
  • QC Testing

Contract Services

EMS offers a variety of services by contract.

1. Formulating
From concept to product distribution, EMS can make it. We have the capabilities and expertise in the manufacturing of dermatological, hair care, skin care, beauty and bath, cosmetic, toiletry, and pharmaceutical products. We can formulate, tweak your existing product, or use one of our stock formulations to make your ideas a reality.

2. Quality Assurance and Quality Control
EMS manufactures your product in our 30,000 square foot facility equipped to take on even the most demanding production schedules. We are fully certified and FDA registered and strictly adhere to GMP guidelines. We complete QC testing and release for each product, as well as stability testing to ensure your products are safe and shelf stable. All tests must be passed before the product is released and shipped. Microbiological testing is done on all final products prior to release.

3. Manufacturing
Our facility is able to handle any size batch, from 1 gram to 55 gallon drums, with the highest attention to detail and quality. We can produce OTC and prescription medications, as well as any cosmetic products. Our equipment can manufacture liquids, creams, pastes, gels, sticks, solutions, and lotions in any batch size imaginable.

4. Warehousing
Our warehouse is ready to package, store, and ship your products. We provide a quick turnaround so you can get your products out to customers as quickly as possible.


At EMS, we are ready to customize your product and create the solution that is right for you. From formaldehyde to research reagents, we can customize any chemical to meet your specifications. We have the capacity to supply runs as small as 2500 units or as large as 1 million units, from 1 gram to 55 gallon drums.

Private Labeling

Hand Sanatizer PackagesEMS offers private labeling, putting your brand at the center of your product. We can print and design labels to meet your specifications. Let us take your product to the next level with the right label.
Our facility is ready to create a custom solution for you. We can silkscreen, label, shrink-wrap, palletize, and create display case packages. With a variety of filling, capping, unscramblers, coding, and boxing equipment, any job is completed with ease and speed.

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