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Tempfix Mounting Adhesive for SEM Mounts

EMS #12668

A Thermoplastic adhesive for mounting powder specimens and small particles for scanning electron microscopy.


Tempfix is a resin, which does not contain any solvents and is stable in high vacuum.  If it is not sticky at room temperature but becomes adhesive at around 40°C and melts at 120°C.

Tempfix is an excellent smooth embedding medium so that even the smallest particles can be imaged successfully in the scanning electron microscopy, without any interference from the background.

Accessories Required for Handling Tempfix

  1. Hot plate
  2. Spatula
  3. Aluminum sheet thickness 0.5-1.0 mm to be used as a specimen mount
  4. Specimen holder with side clamping screw on top

(C&D are parts of the set)

Directions for Use

Warm up an aluminum sheet on the hot plate to around 120°C.  Apply a small amount of Tempfix and smooth it over the sheet with a spatula.  Remove any excess resin.  Sheets coated in this way can be stored for future use.

For scanning electron microscopy examination of powder specimens, sprinkle the powder onto one of the coated aluminum sheets.  Warm up the coated sheet for a few moments to around 40°C on the hot plate.  Remove the sheet and cool it on a metal block.  The thin aluminum sheet cools down rapidly so that even the most delicate specimen will not suffer heat damage.

The specimens prepared in this way can then be coated by sputtering or evaporation.

Product Information

Tempfix Mounting Adhesive
Tempfix Mounting Adhesive MSDS