EMS Technical Data Sheets

Epo-Tek H20S Adhesive

EMS #12672-20S

Epo-Tek H20S Adhesive is a modified version of Epo-Tek H20E Adhesive, designed for die stamping and dispensing for chip bonding. It is very reliable, two component, silver-filled epoxy with a smooth thixotropic finish. Short curing cycles and convenient mix ratios prove this product to be very simple to use.

Technical Information

Composition Properties

Number of components Two
Mix ratio by weight 1:1
Specific gravity Part A: 2.03
Part B: 3.07
(Frozen Syringe: 2.67)
Pot Life 2.5 Days
Shelf Life One year at 23°C
(Frozen Syringe: One year at -40°C)

Minimum Bond Line Cure Schedule

175°C 45 seconds
150°C 5 minutes
120°C 15 minutes
100°C 2 hours
80°C 3 hours

Please note that containers should be kept close when they are not being used. For filled systems, we recommend mixing the contents of container A and B very well before combining them.

Product Information

Epo-Tek H20S Adhesive