EMS Technical Data Sheets

Epo-Tek H22 Adhesive

EMS #12673-22

Epo-Tek H22 Adhesive is a two-component, silver-filled epoxy system made for die bonding and sealing hybrid circuit packages.

Technical Information

Composition Properties

Number of components Two
Mix ratio by weight 100:4.5
Specific gravity Part A: 2.03
Part B: 1.03
Pot Life 16 hours
Shelf Life Six months at room temperature

Minimum Bond Line Cure Schedule

150°C 5 minutes
120°C 10 minutes
100°C 20 minutes

Please note that containers should be kept close when they are not being used. For filled systems, we recommend mixing the contents of container A and B very well before combining them.

Product Information

Epo-Tek H22 Adhesive