EMS Technical Data Sheets

Silver Conductive Adhesive 478SS

EMS #12685-15

The Silver Conductive Adhesive 478SS is a conductive, silver-based polymer. It is a thick film ink that is used to conduct screen printing onto membrane switches. It can be heat cured for maximum performance. In addition, it is compatible with surface mount epoxy systems, has an extended screen residence time, has a high Tg to prevent any blocking, has outstanding creasability, excellent adhesion to polyester film, and has a very low sheet resistance, Furthermore, it has superior abrasion resistance and hardness.



This product is made ready to use. If thinning is necessary, dilute 5% by weight with Carbitol Acetate. When finished, you may clean the equipment used with MEK, MIBK, Acetone or solvents alike.

Screen Printing Process

You may apply this product by the standard screen printing process. Dried thickness and final resistance may vary due to the following: screen mesh size, squeegee material, screen material, and emulsion thickness.

Recommended thickness, dried, µm 7.5 to 12.5
Emulsion thickness, solvent resistant emulsion, µm 20 to 37.5

Screen Type

Monofilament polyester screen, mesh 157 to 280
Stainless steel screen, mesh 165 to 325


For use on polyester screens, durometer 60
For use on stainless steel screens, durometer 70

Technical Information

Composition properties

Uncured Material

Solids content by weight, % 73%

Viscosity, Brookfield – RVT, 25°C, mPas (cP):
Spindle 6, speed 20 rpm

Density, kg/l 2.52

Shelf life at -12 to 27°C (from date of qualification in original seal), days

Flash point, Tag closed cup flash tester, °C 110

Cured Material

Physical properties
Pencil hardness B
Theoretical coverage at 25 µm coating thickness
Sq. ft./gal 555
m2/kg 5.41
Electrical properties
Sheet resistance, 25 µm thickness, ohms/sq <0.015

Product Information

Silver Conductive Adhesive 478SS