EMS Technical Data Sheets

PolyMount Transparent Polyester Resin

EMS #1270

Measuring of Components

As a stoichiometer resin: curing agent/hardener ratio is critical, both parts should be weighed to obtain the best mounting result. If it is only possible to measure the amount by volume, use syringes for measuring out quantities of resin and curing agent/hardener. When the syringe is used as a stopper in the cap, it can be used many times without being cleaning.

The minimum mixing amount should be 15 grams of mixed resin and curing agent/hardener, which is approximately the amount required for one 30 mm diameter mount.

Mixing of components

By volume: 50 parts resin/1 parts curing agent

Mixed should be used immediately after the 3 minutes described above. If the mixture is not used within short time, excessive heat generation can occur depending on the amount of resin and the room temperature.

The curing time is approximately 8-12 hours at room temperature. This time should decrease with increasing mounting cup size and vice versa. The room temperature should be not be lower than 20°C/68°F as this will result in increased curing time. Insufficiently cured mounts appear softer than correctly cured ones. Such mounts can be post-cured at 40-50°C for 2 hours. Room temperatures higher than 25°C/77°F will result in extreme peak temperatures during curing

Tip: To avoid a sticky surface of the mount, cover the mounting cup during curing.

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