EMS Technical Data Sheets

Technovit H7100 / H8100 Alkaline Phosphatase

EMS Catalog #14653-14654

Alkaline Phosphatase For Glycol Methacrylate Sections


  1. Incubate sections in the incubating medium at room temperature for one to three hours. Two hours is sufficient in most cases.
  2. Wash in distilled water for two minutes.
  3. Counterstain with Nuclear Fast Red for five to ten minutes.
  4. Wash in distilled water for two minutes.
  5. Air dry and coverslip.


Nuclei red
Sites of enzyme activity blue

To preserve the reaction product, selection of the right mounting (coverslip) medium is important.


Incubating Medium:

Buffer Solution:

Nuclear Fast Red:

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Technovit Glycol Methacylate Kits H7100 / H8100