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Giemsa Stain For Glycol Methacrylate Sections

EMS Catalog # 14653-14654

Technovit H7100 / H8100 Giemsa Stain

This Giemsa stain works well for a variety of tissues.


  1. Stain in Giemsa working solution at room temperature for 1½ hours.
  2. Rinse in dilute acetic acid (four drops in 100 ml DI water) for two seconds.
  3. Dip in 96% alcohol.
  4. Dip in 96% alcohol.
  5. Rinse in isopropyl alcohol three times for two minutes each.
  6. Clear in xylene and mount.


Nuclei violet
Cytoplasm blue
Erythrocyten pink


Giemsa Solution:

Giemsa Working Solution:

Phosphate Buffer Solution:

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Technovit Glycol Methacylate Kits H7100 / H8100