EMS Technical Data Sheets

Permount Mounting Medium

EMS #17986-01, 17986-05


Apply a small drop of Permount Mounting Medium onto the stained specimen and lay a cover glass on top.

This product sets to a thin, adhesive layer that effectively cements the cover glass to the slide. In addition, it forms an airtight barrier that preserves the staining quality and maintains the optical qualities of your histology/cytology specimen.

Due to its low viscosity, the Permount Mounting Medium is easy to apply. This low viscosity also helps prevent the formation of image-degrading spherical abnormalities that can be produced by the mounting medium or cover glass combinations that are too thin or thick.

A refractive index (1.518-1.521 @ 20°C) that nearly matches that of fixed proteins means that our Permount Mounting Medium helps prevent resolution-robbing optical phenomena such as Becke lines and diffraction haloes. Furthermore, it greatly reduces problems that may arise in regards to the frosted surface of Daken slides and the background of Millipore filters for cytology.

When preserved with our Permount Mounting Medium and safely stored protected from light, properly dehydrated specimens that contain biological dyes will show little or no fading.

This product will not crack, discolor, or lose its cohesive and adhesive properties with age. Annual bands are also eliminated by a special antioxidant additive.

Due to its transparency and pale yellow color, our Permount Mounting Medium does not alter the color of biological dyes in artificial or natural light.

We recommend this product for both microscopy and photomicroscopy.

Note that the softening point of Permount Mounting Medium is 155°C.

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Permount Mounting Medium