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Hall’s Method for Bilirubin

EMS Catalog #: 26611-Series


10% Buffered Neutral Formalin (#15740).


Paraffin @ 6 microns

Staining Procedures:

  1. Deparaffinize and hydrate to distilled water.
  2. Place in Fouchet’s Reagent (#26611-01) for 5 minutes. Wash in running water, then in distilled water.
  3. tain for 5 minutes in Van Gieson’s Solution (#26611-02)
  4. Dehydrate in 95% Alcohol, absolute alcohol, and clear in xylene, two changes each.
  5. Mount with Permount (#17986-01)

Stain Results:  

Biliverdin Greeen
Collagen Red
Muscle Yellow


Hall, M.J., Amer. J. Clin. Path., 34:313-316, 1960.

Luna, L.G. (ed). Manual of Histologic Staining Methods of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, 3rd ed., McGraw-Hill, N.Y., c. 1968, p.174.

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Hall’s Method for Bilirubin