EMS Technical Data Sheets

Automatic Pipette Washing Set

EMS Catalog #64377-05, 64377-15, 64377-25


Wash pipettes quickly, safely and with little effort, especially for laboratories where radio-active, toxic or caustic materials are used.

The water inlet is conveniently located at the top of the rinser, eliminating back-siphoning and allowing for a continual replacement of water. Two or three baskets can be used with one or two jars and one rinser. Two or three batches of pipettes can be soaking at the same time, making for a more efficient work flow.

Directions for Use

  1. Place pipettes in the basket (Cat. #64377-25).
  2. Fill jar (Cat. #64377-15) with washing liquid.
  3. Place the basket into the filled jar.
  4. Leave basket in position for approximately two to three hours, or for however long it takes to clean the pipettes.
  5. Remove basket from the jar and place it into the automatic pipette rinser (Cat. #64377-05).
  6. Connect the water tap to the pipe attachment with a rubber or PVC tubing and the outlet tube from the base to the drain.

Washing with Detergents

  1. Fill rinser with water up to 10 cm below the rim, before the siphon connection.
  2. Add detergent solution and shake several times to ensure a thorough washing.
  3. Turn the water tap on and let the system run until rinsing is complete.

Washing with Distilled or Deionized (DI) Water

  1. Fill jar with distilled or DI water.
  2. Place basket with pipettes that have already been washed with ordinary water so that they can be washed with DI water without being touched, thereby avoiding possible breakage.

Note: Never prepare the chromic mixture directly in the jar. Polyethylene can stand temperatures up to 80/90°C. It is advisable to pour the cold, ready-made mixture in and place the container in a 15-20 liter polyethylene basin to avoid shedding of the chromic mixture in the event that the container breaks.

Product Information

Automatic Pipette Washing Set