EMS Technical Data Sheets

Proscope Hand Held Digital Microscope

EMS # 68350

Using ProScope HR Software

Once installed, ProScope HR software basically works like the LCD screen on your digital camera. The main viewscreen displays what the ProScope HR ‘sees’ in real time until you’re ready to capture the image or video. This is called live mode. Images and video can be captured two ways:

1. Depressing the large white button on the ProScope HR itself.
2. Click the red capture button on the upper right side of the main window.

ProScope magnifying flower

ProScope magnifying flower

After an image or video clip has been captured, the image can be previewed by clicking the thumbnails below the main window. This is called preview mode. To return to live mode, click the main window.

There are three capture modes in which to shoot your subject:

  1. Still Image - located at the top-left of the main window. Use this setting when you want to take still images, not video. You can capture images in three resolutions. Click the bar to activate.
  2. Video - located at the top-center of the main window. Use this setting when you want to record video. You can record video in three resolutions. Click the bar to activate.
  3. Time Lapse - located at the top-right of the main window. Use this setting when you want to record subjects in time lapse.
    You can record

Attaching a lens

focusing ProScope step 1To attach a lens, line up the mark on the side of the base…

focusing ProScope step 1…with the dot on the side of the lens.

focusing ProScope step 1Turn the lens clockwise until it clicks into place.

focusing ProScope step 1Turn on the lens lighting to make sure the lens is properly attached.


Removing a lens

removing ProScope lens step 1To remove a lens, press and hold the lens release button…

removing ProScope lens step 2while turning the lens counter-clockwise until the lens dot and mark on the base line up. Then remove the lens.


Focusin ProScope step 1For 30N and 50x lenses, turn the lens cone counter-clockwise until it stops. The lens cone is now fully extended and in touch view
position. Simply touch the object to the end of the lens cone.

focusing ProScope step 2Turning the cone clockwise until it stops will fully retract it. The lens cone is now in distance view position. The focal distance is approx. 1/2-inch from the cone end. Use this mode if you do not want to touch the lens cone to your subject.

focusing ProScope step 3The 1/10x lens only works at a distance and can be adjusted in focus and magnification from 0x to 10x by turning the cone.

focusing ProScope step 4The 100x, 200x and 400x lenses can be adjusted from touch view to distance view by turning the the forward part of the lens cone. Unlike the 30N or 50x lens, there is not an exact cone position for touch or distance view.

ProScope standDistance Viewing with Proscope Stand

When using the ProScope HR in distance view position,we recommend the ProScope HR stand — it will keep your ProScope HR steady and at the perfect focal distance.

Online Ordering

ProScope HR is available online from the EMS Catalog. For ordering or product information, click here.

finger magnification 10x finger magnification 50x finger magnification 100x finger magnification 200x finger magnification 400x
Finger at 10x Finger at 50x Finger at 100x Finger at 200x Finger at 400x

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