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Using MultiSlip™ Cell Culture Coverglass Inserts

EMS Catalog #70463

Note: Package contents are sterile, handle carefully to prevent contamination.

1. Aseptically remove a MultiSlip plate from the package. (Re-close pack age by folding bag end closed and securing it with a small piece of lab tape). Remove 1 plate cover to expose MultiSlips (Figure 1).

To culture cells on MultiSlip inserts

2. Flood plates with a cell suspension in 15-20ml of medium. Allow the cells to attach for 1-24 hours in a humidified CO incubator.

After cultivation, cells may be washed, fixed and stained in the plate using 2 standard protocols.

Reagents may be applied directly to coverslips (Figure 3). Aspirate or pipette to remove solutions.

To remove a MultiSlip insert from a plate, grasp the black frame and silicone at the side or top of the insert with forceps and pull slowly upward releasing the silicone backing from the plate surface (Figure 4). Coverslips may be stained, washed, etc. Using conventional staining dishes by attaching a stainless steel handle to the insert frame as shown (Figure 5).

Individual coverslips may be removed from the plate during culture by grasping the silicone margin surrounding the coverslip with forceps and pulling slowly upward releasing the silicone backing from the insert (Figure 6). Coverslips may be affixed to standard glass microscope slides by pressing the silicone coverslip backing onto the glass slide surface. (Figure 7). MultiSlip “slides” may be processed using conventional staining dishes and coplin jars. (Figure 8).

Silicone backed coverslips may also be transferred to sterile culture dishes for secondary culture treatments or staining. Press gently on the silicone margin to affix them to the dish (Figure 9).
The silicone backing can also be easily removed by peeling it away from the coverslip for routine slide mounting (Figure 10).

MultiSlips TM are for laboratory use only.


Using MultiSlip™ Cell Culture Coverglass Inserts


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