EMS Technical Data Sheets

Quick Release Pipette Filler

EMS Catalog #70957, 70958, 70959

Assembly Instructions

Warning: Due to the fragility of the glass, proceed with extreme caution when inserting the disposable pipettes. To loosen the pipette, hold it near the chuck, twist slightly and clockwise, and pull.

  1. Grasp the pipette and hold it close to its upper end.
  2. Insert pipette into the chuck of the pump with a slight pressure and turn it counterclockwise.

How to Use the Quick Release Pipette Filler

  1. Fully immerse the end of the pipette into the solution.
  2. Turn the operating wheel with your thumb. At this point, the solution will draw into the pipette.

To release the solution: turn the wheel in the opposite direction.
For quick emptying: press down on the plunger top.

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Quick Release Pipette Filler