EMS Technical Data Sheets

Multipurpose Electron Microscope Specimen Box Antimated Instructions

EMS # 71164

1.  Pick up a grid

Removes the problem of inserting the tweezers too deep or damage the tissues.

The tweezer slot and grid hole connect.  The tweezers insertion slot grips the edge of the grid, so does not damage the tissues and membrane.


2.  Move Plastic sheet

Prevents grids from jumping out of the grid hole and mixing together.

Between the body of the box and lid, there is a plastic cover piece so that when you pick up the grid, only four grid holes are exposed at once; the others remain covered by the plastic cover piece and lid.

Safeguards against loss of samples, or information of stored samples becoming separated.

3. Record Card

Three different components (semi-thin section, thin section, block) and record card are all stored in one box

(MEM-32grid-8block).  You can find everything and store all of your samples in one box.

Online Ordering

Multipurpose Electron Microscope Specimen Boxes are available online from the EMS Catalog. For ordering or product information, click here.