EMS Technical Data Sheets

Grid Staining Matrix System

EMS Catalog #71179-01

The Grid Staining Matrix Staining Kit is designed to handle up to 25 grids at a time. Unique features of this Matrix include, but are not limited to:

Note: The plastics that are used in this Matrix System are not resistant to acids. The staining vessels are specifically designed for aqueous solutions.

Note: DO NOT USE stains that are alcohol-based as they will cause substantial damage to the vessels.

Example uses

  1. Vessel 1: Uranyl Acetate
  2. Vessel 2: Lead Citrate

Required volumes of stains


  1. Clean each piece before use. Flush thoroughly with hot soapy water.
  2. Remove cover from body and load number of grids to be stained into wells. Start with bottom row and fill completely before moving forward.
  3. Slide cover over body until handle on cover engages with retaining pin on handle of the body. You may need to gently lift the cover handle so that it will slide over retaining pin and lock.
  4. Place Matrix into empty staining vessel. Add appropriate volume of stain for number of grids by allowing stain to flow down inside the vessel, using a pipette. If air is trapped within grid containing well, remove by moving Matrix to front of staining vessel and quickly to the back - this will pull trapped air out of wells - proceed with caution as reagents may spill.
  5. Grids can be rinsed in a beaker or small vessel

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Grid Staining Matrix System