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Mini Vacuum Desiccator

EMS Catalog #71246-01

Our Mini Vacuum Desiccator consists of a clear top section, a white bottom section, an O-ring and vacuum retention valve. This model is suitable for the protection of organic and inorganic samples from contaminants and oxidation and for the storage of calibration samples. The desiccator has a conical connecting piece, which can be removed after the evacuation. Therefore, an unintentional venting is prevented, which is also ideal for transport of samples. The evacuated volume allows recording of up to 18 scanning samples (Standard Fei / Philips) or some grid boxes for transmission electron microscopy.


Working with shielding gases:

For transport of samples or when traveling we recommend the desiccator not be filled with shielding gas, but to keep it under vacuum.

Product Information

Mini Vacuum Desiccator