EMS Technical Data Sheets

Roto-Shake Genie Non Skid Tray

EMS Catalog #71834-68


The Non-Skid Tray is an accessory for the Roto-Shake Genie. The stackable tray sits on top of the standard tray supplied with the Roto-Shake Genie, doubling the capacity of the specimens being "rocked".


CAUTION! Do not start operation of the Roto-Shake Genie with the Stackable Non-Skid Tray at a high speed setting. Start at speed 1 and then slowly increase to desired speed.

Care and Handling

The Roto-Shake Genie stackable non-skid tray should be given the care normally required for any piece of laboratory equipment. The finish can be washed with a damp cloth and soap. By immediately blotting any spills, the item will stay clean.

Product Information

Roto-Shake Genie Non Skid Tray