EMS Technical Data Sheets

Pen Vac™

EMS Catalog #71914


  1. Select a tip with a rubber vacuum cup on a probe that is a tad smaller than the desired part for placement.
  2. Adjust the probe tightly to the tip of the vacuum pen. Be sure that the vacuum tip is clean and free of any dust or other contaminants alike.

Note: Large rubber vacuum tips can be placed directly on the vacuum pen tip without the use of a probe.

  1. Simultaneously depress and hold the button on the side of the tool.
  2. Touch the vacuum tip squarely to the part and release the button – the part is now grasped.
  3. Move the part to the desired place and depress again – the part is now released.

Note: This tool only works with rubber vacuum tips, as they are made of a material that is optimal for air-tight sealing.

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Pen Vac™