EMS Technical Data Sheets

K-kit Adaptability

EMS Catalog #K7260

Compatible with all kinds of TEM HoldersK-kit


Strong Structural Reliability under Vacuum


Sealing glue compatible with many solvents

The following table shows the test results of Torr Seal Epoxy soaked in chemical solvents for 24 hours and then examined using FTIR (if dissolved), and visual observation (if dispersed).

  Water PEG400 DMSO Ethanol 0.1N HCI 0.1N KOH
Compatibility (FTIR) X X X X X X
  Hexane IPA Methanol DCM THF Acetone
Compatibility (FTIR) X X X C C C

(FTIR, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
X = Compatible (FTIR not detected) C = Use with Care (FTIR detected)

Product Information

K-kit – Silicon-based Micro Channel Device