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Antigen Retriever Articles: Cancer Pathology

Real-world examples of the retriever in various types of research and clinical studies.

UrologyUrology. 2006 Sep;68(3):578-82.
Inactivation of myopodin expression associated with prostate cancer relapse.

Yu YP, Tseng GC, Luo JH.

Acta OncologicaActa Oncol. 2008;47(8):1539-45.
Aberrant expression of cyclin E in low-risk node negative breast cancer.

Ahlin C, Gruhne B, Holmqvist M, Zetterberg A, Fjällskog ML.

Breast CancerBreast Cancer Res Treat. 2010 Jul;122(2):315-24.
Numb protein expression correlates with a basal-like phenotype and cancer stem cell markers in primary breast cancer.

Rennstam K, McMichael N, Berglund P, Honeth G, Hegardt C, Rydén L, Luts L, Bendahl PO, Hedenfalk I.

PancreasPancreas. 2009 Apr;38(3):259-66.
Neurogenin 3 and neurogenic differentiation 1 are retained in the cytoplasm of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 islet and pancreatic endocrine tumor cells.

Lejonklou MH, Edfeldt K, Johansson TA, Stålberg P, Skogseid B.

Hormone and Metabolic ResearchHorm Metab Res. 2008 May;40(5):354-9.
Lack of nuclear expression of hairy and enhancer of split-1 (HES1) in pancreatic endocrine tumors.

Johansson T, Lejonklou MH, Ekeblad S, Stålberg P, Skogseid B.

Leukemia and LymphomaLeuk Lymphoma. 2010 Jul;51(7):1269-77.
Potential biomarkers of bortezomib activity in mantle cell lymphoma from the phase 2 PINNACLE trial.

Goy A, Bernstein SH, McDonald A, Pickard MD, Shi H, Fleming MD, Bryant B, Trepicchio W, Fisher RI, Boral AL, Mulligan G.

Clinical Cancer ResearchClin Cancer Res. 2006 Jul 1;12(13):4080-9.
PHA-680632, a novel Aurora kinase inhibitor with potent antitumoral activity.

Soncini C, Carpinelli P, Gianellini L, Fancelli D, Vianello P, Rusconi L, Storici P, Zugnoni P, Pesenti E, Croci V, Ceruti R, Giorgini ML, Cappella P, Ballinari D, Sola F, Varasi M, Bravo R, Moll J.