Tax Exempt Certificates

Customers can easily create a tax exempt certificate after registering:

Go to "My Account" > "Tax Exemption Certificates" > "Add new" (follow the steps)

Do this once and it’s good until it expires.
Please allow EMS 1-2 business days to validate your certificate.
After validation, your online orders will show zero tax due. 
Remember to order from this account moving forward to show your exemption.


I already have a tax-exempt account with EMS.  Why do I need to upload a certificate?

The EMS accounting system is separate from the website account.  The only way to show tax exemption online is to follow the steps listed above. 
These certificates will be added to the EMS accounting system, in case you did not already have a tax-exempt account. 

My online account order shows tax after I uploaded my certificate and submitted my order. What do I do?

It is very common to submit an order before we validate your certificate which will show taxes due. 
When your certificate is validated it will update in our accounting system. 
By the time a final invoice is generated in the accounting system, the taxes should be removed. 
If paying by credit card, the final amount charged should not include taxes.  Your credit card charge is only pending until we process your order.
After final processing, you will receive an invoice from the EMS accounting system that will show you what was actually charged.  
If taxes are still charged, please contact us and we will help you to resolve the issue.

When will the online orders match the accounting system?

The online orders will be connected to the accounting system in a future update.  

My certificate is validated, but my order is still showing taxes due.  Now what?

There are some occasions when a validated certificate still shows taxes due.  Please contact us if this is happening on your account.