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Platform Presentation:
Preparation of cells & tissue for TEM delivering consistent results, time savings, & cost-effectiveness using the Prepmaster 5100 EM Specimen & Grid Processor

Presented by: Thomas E. Strader, MS-Biotech

Time: Tuesday, July 30th 2:30pm
Location: Session B03.4 - Biomedical Research on Diseases in Humans, Plants and Animals using Electron and Light Microscopy
Room: 21 (subject to change)

M&M 2024 - Microscopy & Microanalysis

July 28-August 1

Cleveland, OH

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Robotic Specimen Preparation for TEM: Seeding Astrocytes On Coverslips


  Featured at the Show

Prepmaster™ 5100
See the fully automated system that uses advanced robotics and liquid handling to prepare biological specimens for TEM and SEM.

Heated Agitation Station
Agitation enhances the fixation process and reduces overall fixation time. Heating creates conditions optimal to the post-staining process.

HistoPro Linear Slide Stainer
HistoPro® 414 offers consistent staining of slides in an easy-to-use compact, cost conscious package. It is ideal for H&E Stains, Mohs techniques, and general surgical pathology frozen sections.

7000smz-2 Vibrating Microtome
With the EMS 7000smz-2, all types of sectioning are possible, including sectioning for visual patching of neurological tissue, heart, and lung, and much more.