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Tips for Preparing Agaroses

EMS #10205; 10207

When agarose is placed in a buffer such as TAE (Tris/Acetate/EDTA) or TBE (Tris/Borate/EDTA), it is generally insoluble. However, when this agarose solution is heated, the agarose particles become hydrated and thus go into solution. This hydration process is time-dependent, and different types of agarose will have varying hydration points. EMS’s agaroses are extremely pure and comprised of ultra-fine particles. This ultra-fine structure, EMS agaroses will have a faster rate of hydration than other type of agaroses. End-users who have used other brands of agarose in the past may mistakenly boil EMS agaroses much longer than is needed, which results in a thick gelatinous solution that is difficult to cast and brittle when polymerized.

Guide for Preparing EMS Agaroses

Preparation of a typical 1% agarose gel 1X TBE buffer.

If you are preparing a different type of agarose (i.e., a higher concentration or a different volume), the most important things to remember are:

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