EMS Technical Data Sheets

Silver Paste

EMS #12640

Key Benefits


When Curing

Colloidal Silver Paste will harden rapidly when the solvent evaporates. This is sufficient for most Applications. In order to achieve the full electrical and mechanical properties, we recommend curing at room temperature for about 16-20 hours or at 120-200°C for 30 minutes. A heat gun will cure the material quickly.

% Solids 60% ± 1% Ag
Sheet Resistance 0.02 - 0.05 ohms/sq/mil (25µm)
Shelf life 6 months; material should be jar rolled at 1-6 rev/hr. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.
Storage Store in a dry location at 5-30°C. Allow paint to come to room temperature prior to opening. Mix thoroughly before using.

Product Information

Silver Paste