EMS Technical Data Sheets

Gold Epoxy Paste

EMS #12640-01

Gold-Epoxy Pastes are gold-filled conductive bonding preparations that display high electrical conductivity and bond strength. The Gold Pastes are easily applied manually, through machine dispensing or screen printing and are cured with low applied heat in bonding operations. Gold-Epoxy Pastes are often used in place of tin-lead solders in order to avoid flux contamination or exposure to components from excessive heat. In addition, this product is used in preference to silver-epoxy or other silver preparations to avoid silver migration issues. Gold Epoxy Pastes bond successfully to alumina ceramic substrates, phenolic circuit boards as well as transistor headers. It is useful in a variety of applications in solid state and hybrid circuits including the following:

  1. Attachment of discrete semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. Ohmic contacts are produced with diodes and transistors, in all types of packaging configurations, if the semiconductor surface is metallized first or if the surface is highly "doped" and lapped.
  2. Bonding of other active devices, heat sinks and capacitor ships.

Gold Epoxy Paste is a one-part system with that eliminates waste during use, thus making it quite economical. All of the Gold Epoxy Pastes are designed for low outgassing and for continuous use up to 175°C.


Gold Epoxy Pastes are applied by screening using a 200 mesh stainless steel screen, or by other methods such as dotting with a needle or by use of automatic dispensing equipment. Parts to be bonded are mounted and pressed gently, then over-cured under suitable time and temperature.

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Gold Epoxy Paste