EMS Technical Data Sheets

Graphite, Isopropanol Base

EMS #12660

Graphite, (Isopropanol base) is a resistance coating made to provide high lubricity, conductivity, and outstanding release properties to many nonconductive substrates, including most plastics, and is easily applied. This product is made from a dispersion of colloidal graphite in an isopropanol solution which rapidly dries on the applied surfaces. This, ultimately, forms a thin and uniform layer which is adherent. This product has been specified throughout the electronics industry in many uses.



Surface Preparation

We suggest that for substrates to be coated, they must be clean and dry. A solvent wipe with air dry is recommended to create smooth surfaces. For porous surfaces, use the same procedure followed by heating to eliminate contaminants, solvents or moisture.

Mixing Application

This product is supplied in a concentrated form. It is thixotropic and will gel upon standing. To prepare Graphite (Isopropanol base), thoroughly agitate the concentrate, then dilute it to the consistency required by the application method of choice. This product can be applied by brush, dip, roller, or spray.

A coating thickness of 1 mil of Graphite (Isopropanol base), is best built up by applying 5 coats of 0.2 mil thickness by spray. Dilution of 1 part by volume product to 3 parts by volume of solvent is required to obtain an adherent coating of this thickness.

If you are using this product for small production work and prototypes, you may choose to use a suction cup gun, as long as Graphite (Isopropanol base) is mixed well. In addition, if you are using this product for intermediate production runs or for many small parts such as propeller-type attachments, for example, we suggest that the product be used on the suction gun to guarantee coating uniformity. Full production is best handled with propeller-agitated pressure pot systems, for this yields the best application efficiency.


The coating dries completely within five minutes and is ready for use in 30 minutes. Following the air dry, we recommend baking for five minutes at 167°F (75°C) in order to achieve maximum coating qualities in a curing cycle that is significantly short.

Product Information

Graphite, Isopropanol Base