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Leit-C Plast Adhesive for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

EMS #12667

Leit-C-Plast™ is a special adhesive material for the preparation of big specimens in scanning electron microscopy (SEM).


Instructions for Use

Leit-C-Plast is rolled out between the two plastic disks.  A small amount of the material is separated with a spatula, applied to a stub and if necessary, further distributed with a glass rod.

Now the specimen is lightly pressed into the adhesive material upon the stub.  Specimens which are nonconductive may be coated immediately afterwards before examining them in SEM or X-ray microanalysis.

For reorientation or preservation the specimens may again be taken of the adhesive.  Small traces of Leit-C-Plast are easily removed by surgical spirit, etc.

Due to the permanent plasticity of Leit-C-Plast big specimens may move when brought into an inclined position.  Therefore, if photographs are to be taken at high magnifications, it is advisable to fix the specimen directly on the stub by placing a ring of Leit-C-Plast around it.

A reliable method in the preparation of heavy specimens is the combination of Tempfix and Leit-C-Plast: the specimen is fixed on the stub with the solvent-free melting adhesive Tempfix.

Afterwards an electrically conductive bridge between specimen and stub is made by Leit-C-Plast.  It is not necessary to wait for drying for both adhesives are resistant to high vacuum.

Further Applications:

On large specimens, e.g. polished sections of bulk specimens, thin strands of Leit-C-Plast may serve as conductors.

Rolled out in a pointed form they may be used for marking those areas of a specimen, which are of special interest.

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