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EMbed 812

EMS Catalog #14120 #14900

Calculation of DDSA and NMA Amount Based on EMbed812 WPE Number

EMbed 812 (EMS Catalog #14120) replaces Epon 812, which is no longer available. The proportions of DDSA, NMA, and DMP-30 in EMbed 812 are the same as in Epon 812.

Since W.P.E. (Weight per Epoxide Equivalent) values of the epoxies vary from lot to lot, the only reliable way to ensure reproducible hardness of the blocks is by using the W.P.E. supplied with each bottle. According to Luft's formula, the following equation is used, with the ration of anhydride equivalent to epoxy being 0.7:1.

    Wt of       100 g of Embed 812    Anhydride     Ratio of anhydride
 Anhydride req=(-----------------) x (  M.W.  ) x (to epoxy resin
 (DDSA and NMA)       W.P.E.                       equivalent)

An Example

Using 100 g of EMbed 812 and Anhydride M.W. of 266 for DDSA, 178 for NMA, and the ratio of anhydride to epoxy resin Equivalent is 0.7.
With the Above equation and 100 g EMbed 812 being used, with a W.P.E. of 149:

MIXTURE A: Weight of DDSA = 100 g X 266 X .7 = 124.96 g
            Mixture A: 100 g EMbed 812 + 125 g DDSA

MIXTURE B: Weight of NMA = 100 g X 178 X .7 = 83.26 g
            Mixture B: 100 g EMbed 812 = 84 g NMA

Final Mixture

Immediately before use, the two mixtures A and B are blended, and the accelerator DMP-30 is added in the proportion of 1.5% - 2%. Increasing the amount of DMP-30 will increase the cure rate.

When using the EMbed 812 Resin Embedding Media Kit, please refer to our kit instructions, EMS Catalog #14120.

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