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Paraformaldehyde - Glutaraldehyde Solution
(Karnovsky's Fixative)

EMS Catalog #15720

Using Paraformaldehyde-Glutaraldehyde Solution (Karnovsky's Fixative)

Kit contains

Mixture 1 (Original Karnovsky's Mixture)

16% Paraformaldehyde Solution 20 ml
50% Glutaraldehyde EM Grade 8 ml
0.2M Sodium Phosphate Buffer 25 ml
Distilled Water 25 ml

Final mixture is 78 ml with 5% Glutaraldehyde, 4% Formaldehyde in 0.064M buffer. This mixture is extremely hypertonic, with an osmolarity of more than 2000m OSM .

Mixture 2

A lower concentraction of Glutaraldehyde and Formaldehyde especially used for vascular profusion.

16% Paraformaldehyde Solution 13 ml
50% Glutaraldehyde EM Grade 5 ml
0.2M Sodium Phosphate Buffer 50 ml
Distilled Water 32 ml

Final mixture is 2% Paraformaldehyde, 2.5% Glutaraldehyde and 0.1M Buffer. If necessary, the osmolarity can be adjusted by adding sucrose to NaCl. The pH may also need to be adjusted to your desirable point. This mixture is the most effective general fixative for both plant and animal specimens.

Product Information

Paraformaldehyde - Glutaraldehyde Solution (Karnovsky's Fixative)