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Wright Stain Method

EMS Catalog Number: 26060


Streak thin (approximately one cell thick) smears across a sterile slide by means of a second slide or cover glass. Air dry quickly.


  1. Place 1.0 ml of the Wright Stain Solution upon the smear 1 – 3 minutes.
  2. Add 2.0 ml distilled water or Phosphate buffer pH 6.5 and let stand twice as long as in step 1.
  3. Rinse stained smear with water or the Phosphate buffer pH 6.5 until the edges show faintly pinkish-red.
  4. For a Giemsa appearance stain 10 minutes in one volume Wright Stain and 4 volumes Phosphate buffer, pH 6.5.
  5. Blot dry very carefully. Stain may be adjusted by further dilution or in the timing of either before or after dilution in the above procedure.


Erthrocytes yellowish-red
Polymorphonuclears: Nucleus  dark purple
Polymorphonuclears: Granules reddish-lilac
Polymorphonuclears: Cytoplasm pale-pink
Eosinophiles: Nuclei blue
Eosinophiles: Granules red to orange-red
Eosinophiles: Cytoplasm blue
Basophiles: Nucleus purple to dark blue
Basophiles: Granules very dark purple
Lymphocytes: Nuclei dark purple
Lymphocytes: Cytoplasm sky blue
Platelets violet to purple granules


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