EMS Technical Data Sheets

Canaliculi and Lacunae Stain for Hard Tissues

EMS Catalog #: 26201-Series


Modified Bouin's Solution


Trichloroacetic Acid – Alcohol

Embedded in:

Paraffin, ester wax, celloidin or gelatin


  1. Deparaffinize and hydrate to distilled water.
  2. Mordant in Cupric Nitrate, 1% overnight.
  3. In a coplin jar, add 4-6 gm Copper Shot per 100 ml of Protargol Solution and place slides in the solution. Place in a 60°C oven. Staining is complete when the sections have a golden brown color (4-16 hours). Wash very briefly in distilled water (1 dip).
  4. Reduce in Hydroquinone Solution for 3-10 minutes. Wash thoroughly in running water to remove all of the reducing solution.
  5. Tone 5-10 minutes in Gold Chloride, 1% to which 3 drops of Glacial Acetic Acid per 100 ml have been added. Rinse in water.
  6. Develop in Oxalic Acid, 2% until sections have a faint purple or blue color. Rinse in water.
  7. Place in Sodium Thiosulfate, 5% for 5-10 minutes. Wash thoroughly in water.
  8. Dehydrate, clear and cover.

Stain Results:

Canaliculated, lacunae, odontoblasts and dentinal tubules Bluish to purplish black


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Product Information

Canaliculi and Lacunae Stain