EMS Technical Data Sheets

Alizarin Red for Calcium Deposits

EMS Catalog Number: 26206-Series 


Alcoholic Formalin


Paraffin, Ester Wax, Celloidin or Gelatin

Staining Procedures:

  1. Bring sections to Alcohol, 50% (#26206-02) and rinse rapidly in distilled water.

  2. Cover sections with Alizarin Red S (#26206-01) and follow the staining by transmitted light, on the stage of a staining microscope. Calcium sites will be covered with a vivid orange-red calcium-alizarin lake within a period of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. The end point should be chosen when the deposit is heavy but not too diffused.

  3. Shake off excess stain and blot carefully with filter paper or alternatively drain very thoroughly.
  4. Place immediately into Acetone (#26206-03) for 10 – 20 seconds followed by Acetone-Xylene (#26206-04) for 10 -20 seconds.
  5. Clear in Xylene and mount in Depex (#13514) or Cedar wood Oil (#12430)

Stain Results:

Calcium Sites Covered and surrounded by heavy orange red precipitate which is birefringent between crossed polaroids
Background Faint Pink


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Clark, G., (ed.). Staining Procedures, 3rd ed., Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, p. 140, c. 1973.

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Alizarin Red for Calcium Deposits