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Puchtler-Sweat Method for Basement Membranes

EMS Catalog #: 26356-Series    


Carnoy’s Solution (#64130-05).


Paraffin at 6µm.

Staining Procedures:

  1. Deparaffinize and hydrate to distilled water.
  2. Periodic Acid, 0.5% (#26356-03) for 5 minutes. Rinse in two changes of distilled water.
  3. Sodium Bisulfite Solution (#26356-04) for 15 hours. Rinse in five or six changes of distilled water.
  4. Resorcin-Fuchsin Solution (#25356-01) for 4 hours> Rinse in three changes of distilled water.
  5. Counterstain in Nuclear Fast Red (#26356-02) for 4 hours. Rinse in 3 changes of distilled water.
  6. Dehydrate in 95% Alcohol, Absolute Alcohol, and clear in Xylene (#23400, two changes each.
  7. Mount with Permount (#17986-01) or DPX (#13510).

Stain Results:

Basement Membranes Black in cross section/Gray in tangential sections
Nuclei Pink to Red


Puchtler, H. and Sweat, F.: Stain Techn., 39:163, 1964.

AFIP Manual of Histological Staining Methods, 3rd ed., ED. L. Luna: New York: McGraw Hill Publications, c. 1968, p. 73

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Puchtler-Sweat Method for Basement Membranes