EMS Technical Data Sheets

Flexible Mold

EMS Catalog #51012-55, 51012-60, 51012-65


The rectangular flexible mold is made of very flexible transparent silicone rubber which makes it very easy to remove the mounts. The inner sides are polished, so the sides of the mounts get clear. The sides are also straight which makes it easier to fasten the mounts in a specimen holder.


Using Epoxy

Form Mold can only be reused 8 - 10 times when using epoxy resins as silicone rubber is less resistant to epoxies.

Tip - To prolong the lifetime , apply a thin layer of Silicon Oil inside the cup before mounting. Apply with a small brush (supplied with or with cotton wool. Only apply a thin film to avoid mixing oil with the mounting material, resulting in softening.

Small Specimens

Do not stick small specimens directly onto the mounting cup using strong glue as it will be impossible to remove the mount from the cup without destroying it. Heat generated during the hardening of the glue may also damage the cup. Stick small specimens onto a thin plastic foil before mounting.

Excessive Heat Generation

When using Flexible Mold with small volume specimens, a relatively large amount of mounting resin may result in the generation of excessive heat. Very high temperatures can result in excessive shrinkage, formation of air bubbles in the mount, deformation of Flexible Mold and damage to the inner surface.

To remove excessive heat, place the mount in a cool place such as a cooled water bath or a refrigerator.


Mount in layers (about 15 mm at a time). Wait until the first layer is hardened before pouring the next layer.


Flexible Form can be cleaned with water and soap. Remove any remaining resin with a wooden spatula or similar (sharp objects may damage the cylinder).

It is important to clean the Flexible Mold after each use to ensure optimal use and longest lifetime.

Flexible Mold