EMS Technical Data Sheets

Break-Safe Ampoule Opener

EMS Catalog #60607

The Break-Safe Ampoule Opener makes opening ampoules easy and safe! Our device comes with 4 inserts to allow opening of 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, and 10 ml ampoules. The ampoule size is conveniently indicated on each insert. The unique box style design will capture all glass pieces, and the ampoule bodies will remain securely upright, preventing the contents from spilling. By using this product, fingers stay away from sharp edges, eliminating the risk of injury.


  1. Place up to three ampoules in the opener, apply light pressure.
  2. To remove an insert, hold the ampoule opener in one hand and use the fingers of your other hand to reach under the opener and behind the three columns where the ampoules would be contained.
  3. Pull forward until the back edge of the ampoule housing is no longer under the immobilizing lip.
  4. Grasp the front edge of the insert and lift.
  5. To install an insert, place the insert into the opening and tilt it back at a 45 degree angle inserting the back edge under the immobilizing lip located on the back wall of the ampoule opener.
  6. Push down gently on the front of the insert until it is locked into place and there is no movement.
  7. Put one, two, or three ampoules into the insert and lower the lid over the ampoule tops.
  8. Push down gently on the top until the ampoule necks break.
  9. When ampoules need to be disposed, just turn the device upside down over a trash receptacle.

Product Information

Break-Safe Ampoule Opener