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EMS Catalog #61051-10


The Rotamix units are designed with interchangeable 12" long rotary rods accommodating tubes ranging from 1.5 ml to 50 ml, which make the rotary universal. Rotamix is made from steel, coated with a chemically resistant paint and is extremely quiet. Rotamix® is suitable for use both in the cold room and the incubator. The speed is variable from 0 to 80 rpm. On the RKVSD, rotation speed is displayed on a large LCD.


  1. Place Rotamix on a solid, level surface, ensure the area is free of any other equipment or items items that could become entangled in the rotating rod.
  2. To plug in the AC power adapter into the Power Port (on the side of the unit), twist gently while pushing in. Note: Forcing the connector into place will damage the Power Port.
  3. Plug the Power Adapter into a proper outlet (usually 115V AC, 60 Hz).
  4. On the Rod, slide Slotted Bushing towards the Tube Clips, leaving Slotted Bushing about an inch from the end of the rod. Note: Unit must be OFF before installing or removing the rotating rod.
  5. Insert Slotted Bushing into the cutout at the rear of the Platform. Press firmly to seat the Bushing.
  6. Align the flat of the "D" on the inside of the rotating rod end with the flat side on the motor shaft. Slide rod into motor shaft. Note: If the rod is not placed in the motor shaft correctly, the end plate may bend out and the rod will not turn properly, eventually falling out.
  7. Insert the Cotter Clip through the holes between the rod end bearing and the Tube Clips to hold the rod in position.
  8. Gently turn the ON/OFF/Control knob clockwise to turn Rotamix ON.
  9. Use ON/OFF/Control knob to set desired speed.

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