EMS Technical Data Sheets

ThermoSafe® Infectious Shipper

EMS #62511-Series

Special Notice

National and International regulations require that any person offering, handling, or transporting Dangerous Goods (Infectious Substances) must be trained. DOT 49CFR Sec.172.7 and IATA Sec.1.5.

Kit Contents

One kit includes the following: (Note that the Model INF 3000 also comes with a foam insert.)

1 Infectious Substance Label 1 Diagnostic Specimen Label 1 Absorbent Sheet (Capacity up to 51 ml) 1 Transparent Pressure Vessel 1 Bubble Pouch 3 Shipper Declarations 1 Outer Box

Technical Data Table

EMS Catalog # 61535-05 61535-10
Model INF 2000 INF 3000
Vessel Dimensions 0.5 L
Transparent Vessel
1.0 L
Transparent Vessel
Internal Cushioning Compartmentalized bubble pouch
Capacity 6 tubes 6 tubes
Outer Measurements (LxWxH) 4" x 4" x 6¾" 6¼" x 6¼" x 7½"
Additional Features
  • Liquid tight container withstands
    up to 95 k Pa pressure
  • Liquid tight container withstands
    up to 95 k Pa pressure
  • Vessel is autoclavable for re-use
  • Foam insert
Quantity 2

Preparing a Package for Mailing

6. Affix appropriate label to the outer box. If you are shipping an infectious substance, fill in the lines above the label as follows: UN2814 Infectious Substance, affecting humans, (insert name of substance).
7. Choose the appropriate label

1. Identify and assemble all the required components of the INF 2000 shipper kit:   - 1 Infectious substance label
- 1 Diagnostic specimen label
- 1 Bubble pouch
- 1 Pressure vessel
- 1 Absorbent sheet
- 1 Outer box
- 3 Shipper declarations
2. Place absorbent sheet inside vessel   3. Slide tubes into compartments of the bubble pouch and roll up
4. Slide the rolled up bubble pouch into the vessel and screw the lid closed   5. Fill in the addresses and the outer box. Be sure to address package to an individual and include the phone number.


Note: If you are shipping an infectious substance, you must fill out the Dangerous Goods Shipping Declarations in triplicate. Spelling and neatness count!


8. Slide vessel into the outer box and close the flaps in the order indicated.
: Be sure to slide flap #1 over the top of the vessel and insert closing tab on box.

Product Information

ThermoSafe® Infectious Shipper