EMS Technical Data Sheets

McMaster Egg Slide Chamber

EMS Catalog #63512-75

Directions for Use

  1. Weigh out 2 grams of feces.
  2. Pass feces through a sieve into a dish containing 60 ml of ZnSO4 or saturated salt solution.
  3. Stirring vigorously (transfer solution to a flask to prevent spillage), take a sample with a pipette or medicine dropper and load one of the chamber of the slide. Repeat and fill other chamber.
  4. Wait 30 seconds for the eggs to float to the upper surface of the counting chamber. Two focal planes exist, with the eggs an air bubbles in the upper plane. Focus on air bubbles, then count the total number of eggs under both of the grids. Do not count eggs outside of the grid.
  5. Multiply the total number of eggs in the two chambers by 100, this is the eggs per gram (EPG).


After completing the count, remove the cover glass and clean the counting chamber with water or a mild cleaning solution (10% solution of bleach). Dry the counting chamber with a soft cloth or wipe, or rinse with acetone.

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McMaster Egg Slide Chamber