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Citrate Buffer pH6.0 (10X) Antigen Retriever

EMS Catalog #64142-07, 64142-08


This buffer is intended for heat-induced antigen retriever on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections prior to application of antibodies. In IHC most commonly used fixative like formalin mask tissue antigens (cellular, membrane and nuclear) by cross-linking process, this results in poor or no staining in IHC. The use of this buffer on FFPE tissue section improves accessibility of antibodies to tissue antigens.



Intended Use

1X buffer solution is intended for heat-induced antigen retriever in IHC. Please refer to primary antibody protocol.


10 X, pH 6 antigen retriever solution.

Preparation of working solution

Dilute this 10X buffer as needed (e.g. 90 ml of deionized or distilled water + 10 ml of this buffer), mix well, 1X buffer can be stored at 2-8°C


  1. Deparafinize FFPE tissue section is carried out as outlined in your protocol. Hydrate tissue with PBS or our Universal Immuno buffer.
  2. The tissue slides are immersed in this 1X solution and heated for 10-20 minutes at 100°C; OR in pressure cooker for 3-5 minutes followed by cooling at room temperature for about 20 minutes.
  3. The tissue sections are ready for further IHC protocol.

Sometimes the buffer may show yellowish tinge, this is due to preservative and will not affect the function of the buffer.

Limitation: Tissue sections from brain or tissues in high concentration of lipids may get detached from slides or may result in the loss of tissue morphology. It may be necessary to use + charge, sialanized or polylysine coated slides.

Limitation and Warranty

Our warranty is limited to the actual price paid for the product. We are not liable for any property damage, personnel injury, time, effort or economic loss due to our product.


Avoid skin and eye contact with all laboratory products. Use appropriate laboratory gear, laboratory coat, gloves and safety glasses. Do not ingest any laboratory products. This product is not approved for administration in human or animals.

For research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures. FOR IN VITRO LABORATORY USE ONLY

Country of origin: USA

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