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Weighted Beaker/Flask Holder

EMS Catalog #64441-Series

Weighted Beaker/Flask Holder


Electron Microscopy Sciences' Weighted Beaker/Flask Holders grip beakers or flasks for immersion in water baths. Circulating water in water baths may cause the beaker or flask to tip or drift; partially filled vessels may float. Use of the weighted holders prevents such accidental dislodging.


  1. The straight prongs on the bottom of the stainless steel clamp are inserted into the center hole of the vinyl-coated lead ring.
  2. Bend the prongs around the weight so that the weight cannot fall off.
  3. Select the size of the holder to fit the beaker or flask that you are using.
  4. Press down gently on the glass or plastic beaker, or flask, to insert it into the stainless steel clamp. Take normal precaution in handling glass to avoid breakage.
  5. Place the filled vessel with the weighted holder into the water bath.
  6. To release, hold down on the weight and pull up on the vessel.

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Weighted Beaker/Flask Holder