EMS Technical Data Sheets

Magnifying Lights: Green-Lite™

EMS Catalog # 68194

Basic Operation

On some models, press sequence button to toggle through lighting options:

  1. Combination white light/ultraviolet:
    • ButtonPush once - shuts off rear white light only, leaves UV light on
    • Second time - the right UV light bank turns off, leaving left UV bank on
    • Third time - reverses order of lights left on
    • Fourth time - UV turns off leaving only white light on
  1. To turn the unit on:
    • Press button and release
  1. Auto Timer: (Both 3 and 4)
    • This unit is equipped with an automatic timer function which turns the unit off at 4 hours and 5 minutes, for energy management. To enable timer, press and hold "Both" buttons for 2 seconds and the unit will "Blink once" to acknowledge.
    • To disable the timer, press both buttons, holding again for 2 seconds and the unit will "Blink Twice" to acknowledge.
      *User setting will be remembered until changed*

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Magnifying Lights: Green-Lite™