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Autoradiography Ruler Set

EMS #68550-04


The Audioradiography Ruler Set (ARS) is an orientation and measurement device that exposes metric ruler marking directly onto x-ray film. Due to a specially formulated phosphorescent dye compound and a unique emission filter, the set is an ideal non-radioactive substitute for radioactive ink markings.

The ARS is a set of rulers made on thin strips of coated plastic with an repositionable adhesive backing. Under normal lighting, the metric units are visible as green markings with a black background, which produces a high resolution image, unaffected by intensifying screens or preflashed film.


The ARS improves presentation of autoradiographic data from Northerns and Southerns, as well as one and two dimensional gels.

The photo above shows the results of autoradiography with a radioactive 2-D gel and phosphorescent rulers.

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Autoradiography Ruler Set