EMS Technical Data Sheets

Six Counting Unit Tally Counter

EMS #70310-06

Before Operating

Be sure that all counter units are set at "000" prior to operation. To set at "000":

  1. Rotate the end knobs one full turn toward the operator.
  2. Mark the cell types to be counted on the removable tabs or trips provided.


  1. Press down only 1 key at a time to make your count.
  2. Press each key all the way down and release the key completely ("deep-stroke-and-release" action) is critical in that single key stroke records your count on an individual counter as well as on the totalizer, simultaneously.

Note: The totalizer is the last counter, located on the right with no key beneath the window. The totalizer accumulates a grand total of all cells counted on individual counter keys.

  1. At a total of 100, the number shown on each individual counter directly represents the percentage of that cell type counted in the blood specimen.

Note: For more precise cell counts, continue this process until the totalizer reaches a total of 200 strokes. To determine the percentage of each cell counted:

  1. Divide the total shown on each individual cell counter by 2. Counts can be continued to a total of 300 (divide individual counter totals by 3) or to a total of 400 (dividing individual counter totals by 4).
  2. To count the number of cells in each square of a chamber:
    1. Use a separate key for each square. The totalizer will show the total number of cells counted in all squares.
    2. Divide the totalizer count by the number of squares counted to achieve the average count per square.

Counter Maintenance

Product Information

Six Counting Unit Tally Counter