EMS Technical Data Sheets

CoverWell™ Perfusion Chambers

EMS Catalog #70326

How To Use CoverWell™ Perfusion Chambers

  1. Peel off protective liner on gasket surface.
  2. Press gasket surface onto glass coverslip or microscope slide. Surfaces may be wet or dry.
  3. Press gently but firmly to form a secure seal.
  4. Add or remove reagents by pipetting through access ports in chamber surface.
  5. To remove - simply peel off. Chambers may be rinsed and re-used.

Cleaning Instructions:

We recommend rinsing chambers with distilled water immediately after each use followed by a brief, 5 minute soak in a solution of cell culture grade detergent, followed by repeated rinsing with diH2O. Do not use bleach as the silicone may absorb this solution.

After air-drying, chambers should be stored at room temperature.

Just before use, remove particulates from the chamber surface using scotch tape.

CoverWells are Intended for Laboratory Use Only


Online Ordering

CoverWell™ Perfusion Chambers are available online from the EMS Catalog. For ordering or product information, click here.