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EMS Catalog #70560, 70561, 70570, 70571

DermaPlus is a remarkable skin barrier that is safe for any area of skin. It releases quality moisturizers, such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which help nurture the skin. DermaPlus sets into the skin and is non-greasy, even when wet. This product is very beneficial for those with dry, cracked, split, or broken skin, and even for those who are struggling with psoriasis.

DermaPlus is the perfect product to keep handy while working in any type of area. It forms a barrier that is resistant to water and washing, and lasts for 4 to 5 hours. This means that it can be used with just two applications per working day, providing constant protection. DermaPlus does not only protect the skin, but it repels against the strongest of unwanted odors. Furthermore, it can prevent the following from being absorbed into the skin:

DermaPlus is an essential product to have in the lab. Although it does not replace personal protective equipment, it helps to prevent any damage or harm to the skin from chemicals. It does not desensitize the skin, so, if while working, any kind of liquid comes in contact with the skin, you will be aware, but it will not cause any irritation or damage, giving you enough time to safely wash your hands with another application of DermaPlus.

DermaPlus is not a medicine, however it is manufactured to full pharmaceutical standards.


  1. When you first dispense DermaPlus, it will come out in a mousse-like form.
  2. Apply about a golf ball size to the hands.
  3. Upon putting it onto the area of skin which you want to protect, DermaPlus will quickly set into the skin.
  4. Wash with warm water.

Our 17 oz. can of DermaPlus provides enough product to last over 1 year, and provides about 550 applications. Contact Electron Microscopy Sciences today to experience this remarkable skin protectant.

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