EMS Technical Data Sheets

General Purpose Cleaner

EMS Catalog #71050, 71051

Applications and Use

Electron Microscopy Sciences' General Purpose Cleaner is a biodegradable, phosphate and caustic-free alkaline cleaner formula, designed for general purpose and normal maintenance cleaning applications. Liquid non-ionic surfactants and detergents are combined and formulated with excellent detergent, wetting and free-rinsing properties, which provide exceptional performance for general maintenance cleaning in virtually all industries, with virtually all base materials. Electron Microscopy Sciences' General Purpose Cleaner solution removes general soils, fingerprints, dust, packaging particulates, and light oils and greases from components and products found in machine and metal-working shops, chemical plants and petro-chemical refineries, automotive plants, appliance factories, telecommunications equipment producers, printing plants, and many other industrial, manufacturing, and fabricating facilities.

Application Procedures

Electron Microscopy Sciences' General Purpose Cleaner solution is easily mixed with water to form a concentration of 10-12% by volume and can be used at temperatures ranging from ambient to 180°F (82°C). Optimum performance is achieved at higher solution temperatures.

Tanks, heating oils, immersion heaters, and any other components which may be exposed to the solution for extended period should be fabricated from stainless steel or other suitable materials.

For optimum cleaning, Electron Microscopy Sciences' General Purpose Cleaner should be operated at recommended temperatures. Cleaning time is dictated by the quantity and nature of the soil. Operating Electron Microscopy Sciences' General Purpose Cleaner below the recommended concentrations, temperature, or time, will generally result in poor cleaner performance, characterized by cloudiness and waterbreaks. Operating Electron Microscopy Sciences' General Purpose Cleaner above the recommended parameters may be lead to component metal attack or cause the surfactants to separate from the solution causing poor cleaning. It is imperative that the solution be allowed to "degas" at operating temperature for a minimum of 10 minutes prior to placing the parts into the cleaning solution. It is best if ultrasonic energy is applied during this time to enhance degassing. Thorough rinsing is suggested for removal of cleaning solution. As with any process involving water, drying should be considered as the final step.

Technical Data

Chemical characteristics and chemical composition

Chemical composition Blend of liquid, non-ionic alkaline surfactants and detergents
Flash point None
Recommended dilutent Water
Biodegradable Yes
Phosphate-free Yes
Normal use concentration 10-12% by volume
Normal use temperature 70-80°F (22-82°C)
pH at use rinse temperature 21.2
Rinsability Good

Effect of working solution on metals

Stainless steel None
Steel None
Copper None
Brass None
Aluminum Slight etch
Magnesium None
Zinc None
Tin None

Product Information

General Purpose Cleaner