EMS Technical Data Sheets

Tissue Grip™ Water Bath Adhesive

EMS Catalog #71303-01, -02


Liquid water bath adhesive used in H & E staining, special stains, and immunoperoxidase procedures.



  1. Fill water bath with water (DI or tap) and add 5-10 mL per liter of warm water (40-46°C) to the bath.
  2. Stir water gently to ensure Tissue Grip dissolves completely and is mixed well.
  3. Follow Lab SOP for section recovery, drying, and staining.
  4. Special stains and immunohistochemistry may be performed on sections, recovered with Tissue Grip™.
  5. Avoid the use of adhesive, coated or charged slides.
  6. For frozen sections, acetone cleaned slides may be dipped into a 1:10 solution with water, allowed to dry, and stored in a slide box for later use.
  7. Clean flotation bath after use.


Storage: room temperature. Product may become semi-solid when exposed to colder temperatures. If solution has become solidified, move to a warmer area and allow to "thaw" for 24-48 hours.

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Tissue Grip Water Bath Adhesive